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Vigilant aerial oversight, ensuring industrial safety

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NOVA X3-01
NOVA X3-02
NOVA X3-03

20+ Kms FHD Video


Advanced Retractable Landing Gear

High Efficient

Battery Management System

CF - Props
Maximized efficiency & Torque

Silent and Efficient


Intelligent Object Tracking

NOVA X3-04
NOVA X3-05


NOVA X3 is versatile, suitable for various environments and tasks

NOVA X3-06


Versatile for various critical missions

NOVA X3-07


Nova X3 is crafted for recurrent utilization

NOVA X3-08


Prepared for all tasks in harsh environments

NOVA X3-09

Free AMC

Nova X3 comes with free Annual Maintenance for the first year of the purchase

NOVA X3-10


​Engineered for easy transport by individuals

NOVA X3-11

Low-Up Keep

Built robustly to withstand diverse conditions and uses



Ultra HD


Digital Zoom

The system has Ethernet, HDMI, and CVBS video outputs, and supports S.Bus, UART, and Ethernet UDP for control signals. It stabilizes with ±0.01° accuracy and offers pitch from -135° to +45°, yaw from -160° to +160°, and roll from -30° to +30°. The camera has 6X digital zoom, 8 MP, and F2.8 aperture, with 93° diagonal and 81° horizontal view. It records in 4K, 2K, 1080p, and 720p, with H.265 codec at 20 Mbps for 4K/2K and 15 Mbps for 1080p/720p. It supports up to 512 GB MicroSD cards, FAT32/ExFAT, JPG photos, and MP4 videos. Operating in single-shot mode, it has auto white balance.

NOVA X3-12
NOVA X3-13
NOVA X3-14
NOVA X3-15
NOVA X3-16
NOVA X3-17




Optical Zoom

The gimbal camera offers reliable video transmission via Ethernet and supports various control signal input protocols (S.Bus, PPM, UART, UDP). It ensures stability with ±0.01° angular vibration range and provides controllable pitch angles from -90° to +25°. The camera features a 10X optical zoom lens, focal length of 5.15±5% to 47.38±5% mm, and 1/2.7” 4 MP sensor. It supports 2K recording at 30 fps, with a 12 Mbps bitrate, and MicroSD Class 10 cards up to 128GB.


Hybrid Zoom


60 FPS


Optical Zoom

The gimbal has a wide 420-degree point angle and supports 3-6S voltage input. Its Micro-SD card slot is positioned overhead to avoid rain interference, and it includes an HDMI1.4 HD output port. Upgrades can be done via a Micro-USB link for SBUS decoding modules. Weighing 365g, it offers an attitude control accuracy of 0.02 degrees and a diagonal FOV ranging from 66.6° to 7.2°. It supports MOV video format, has auto exposure compensation, and offers various white balance settings. The gimbal supports PAL/NTSC, has a max SD card capacity of 32GB, and uses the FAT32 file system.

NOVA X3-18
NOVA X3-19
NOVA X3-20


Optimize your tasks with the superior performance of NOVA X3

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